Ann Lavi’s Reaction to my lecture 27-08-2012

“When I met Yaron Svoray for the first time I couldn’t have imagined that behind this easy-going, light, warm-hearted person stands a tremendous story full of kind of “24” or “Lie to me” adventures, moral perplexities and personal tragedy.
Just a day later I attended Yaron’s lecture about his experiences within the contemporary Neo-Nazism’s movement triggered by an unbelievable treasure hunt. And I have read every possible adventure novel, but Yaron’s treasure hunt managed to leave me childishly breathless. And I am Jewish from Russia so you can imagine how pumped I am with the terrors of Hitlerism. But that day I literally found myself in the Fuhrer’s shadow. The history itself, in the face of Yaron was standing in front of me, flesh and blood, depriving me of the privilege of detachment. .
Yaron succeeded to turn real life with its incredibility and absurdity into the art of story-telling, he succeeded to evoke a diverse scale of emotions, getting under my skin and into my mind with his vivid, simple, humorous, thought-provoking and intriguing manner of speaking.

We all are interesting people living extraordinary lives, but only some of us are living on the edge facing the dreadful, fulfilling the impossible, suffering the unbearable – forming the absurdity of reality. Yaron Svoray is definitely one of those few.”

Ann Lavi. Founder of Boutique English School.