Pierre Kawka testimonial 2015


To whom it my concern

I highly recommend Yaron Svoray as a guest speaker and lecturer given his extensive experience as an investigative journalist, prolific author and veteran of the Israeli Army Paratroop Corps as well as the Israeli Police unit – YAMAR. His ability to captivate an audience is spellbinding. His exploits are quite compelling and Yaron’s unique personality in tandem with his smooth delivery make for a speaking engagement that leaves the audience excited to hear even more.
Yaron has been a guest on Fox News Channel on multiple occasions during my tenure as a Senior News Editor for FNC from 1998-2008. He spoke about terrorism, intelligence analysis and Middle East affairs. His knowledge is immense and makes for good television. Quite simply, Yaron is an extraordinary communicator.

Best regards,
Pierre Kawka
Broadcast Producer and News Editor for NJTV
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