Testimonial from Roger Meltzer

August 31, 2012
To whom it may concern:
It has been my privilege on numerous occasions to employ Yaron Svoray as a guest speaker on behalf of State of Israel Bonds. A master story-teller, Svoray has always spell-bound our invited audiences with his tales of crime fighting, anti-terrorist combat, neo-Nazi exposure, global adventure, and fortune hunting – all of them non-fiction and autobiographical. He can regale an audience with laughter one moment and bring them to tears in the next. More importantly, he has always been swarmed after each lecture with additional questions and well-wishers, and his talks have always brought our local fund-raising efforts to a successful conclusion. I have also utilized his personable manner and charm to assist me in personal solicitations and in related pre-events for top-level campaign participants.
Svoray’s topics mesh perfectly with both Jewish and non-Jewish audiences. I would highly recommend bringing Svoray to your community in conjunction with any Jewish or secular cause. He has a distinct gift for tying his stories to whatever theme you are sounding and for doing it tightly within the time allotted. Your audience will thank you for months following the event and be asking you when he will be coming back.

Respectfully, Roger Meltzer
Former Registered Field Representative, Greater Philadelphia Campaign
Former Director, Virginia-North Carolina Campaign
Former Director, Pittsburgh Tri-State Campaign
Former National Director for Labor Commerce & Industry
State of Israel Bonds/Development Corporation for Israel