The Life of a Spy inside the world of Terrorism

My past as a soldier in an elite Commando Unit of the Israeli IDF and my days in the YAMAR – the equivalent of the American FBI – as well as working with American the ATF gave me the unique qualities, perspective, and knowledge to lecture on such topics as the inner workings of a terrorist cell; the means of infiltrating them, what happens to a man inside such an organization knowing that if he is found out he is a dad man and what are and the methods needed to defeat them.

Today, as terrorism spans borders and continents, my expertise and proven abilities have made me a very popular speaker for “intelligence gathering organizations” such as SHABAK (Israeli Secret Service), the German GSG (German Anti-Terrorist Organization) and the Italian Carbinieri (the Federal Police of Italy), plus many more security and law enforcement agencies .

My proven work both as a spy inside terrorist cells and as a hunter of escaped Nazi criminals give an audience an up-close and personal look at our world’s greatest threats.


  1. Who becomes a Terrorist?

Not only the religious zealots, but the far right and far left, who believe violence is a justifiable means to their ends.

  1. What does the daily life of a Terrorist look like?
  2. What brings a man to believe in a cause so greatly that they are willing to endanger their life as an infiltrator or a spy?
  3. The duality of an infiltrator’s life

What is it like to befriend these people and meet their families, eat, drink, and talk in a way that they trust you, believe you are one of them, when in fact, you know that soon you will aid their downfall? Are there friendships? Moments of sheer joy? Fear? Remorse

  1. What keeps you is life like inside the “belly of the beast”?

All infiltrations are the same – be it ISIS, a neo-Nazi cell, or a drug smuggling cartel. Only the circumstances are different, but the challenges, the dangers, the personal price are all the same.

  1. does an ex – spy truly gets his normal life back?

What happens to a spy when the adrenalin rush of living on the edge is gone, and they return to their daily life of raising a family and dealing with the mundane? How do they cope? What happen their families?

  1. What can be done to stop Terrorist activities?

I shed a unique light on the world of terrorism, a behind the scenes look at the reality of a covert war being waged all over the globe.

My lectures are both up lifting and Motivational they are about bravery, about selflessness, about learning to on the run, about never giving up against all odds, ultimately, it’s about a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

This is not the tale of a superhero that does incredible things; it is about an ordinary man who needed to stand up against Evil.

My name Yaron Svoray and this is my  story.